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The National Association of Transpersonal Hypnotherapists (NATH – EST. 1989) is the oldest and largest transpersonal hypnotherapy organization in the United States.  It maintains an outstanding reputation for certifying and registering professional and clinical hypnotherapists from a variety of backgrounds across the United States and abroad.  Focus is placed on continuing education and the unification of professionals who use meditative-trance states as the primary catalyst for creating self-transformations in the body, mind, and spiritual directions of their clients.

See the below upcoming NATH Certified Courses. Please scroll to bottom to see all the courses offered!

Virtual Rejuvenation Retreats

Join our presenters to learn a new technique, brush up on hypnosis, hear about a case study and network with your fellow colleagues! Topics include Hypnosis, Business, and Metaphysical subjects.   4 presenters, 4 hours of talks and time to network and discuss topics following the presentations, all for only $20! Our retreats are three times a year, quarterly before our conference. These virtual retreats are worth 4hrs. of yearly CEUs! The classes are also open to the public for an additional cost. 

Join us for 4-presentations during our next Virtual Retreat of 2023!

 May 13th, 2023

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Final: August 12th, 2023

Presenters Needed for our upcoming Virtual Retreats

Do you have a technique, a case study, or a metaphysical modality that works in your hypnosis practice? Whether you are a new hypnotherapist, or a seasoned one, what do you have to offer your other fellow members to energize, educate, or empower them in their practice? Hypnosis, Business, or Metaphysical topics welcomed!

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Take a look at our Certification classes below for  2023!


*NATH Members can take refresher courses at a reduced rate… see registration form for pricing. 

CHt Certification Courses

This course certifies you as a hypnotherapist or CHt, it teaches beginning, intermediate and advanced hypnotherapy skills. Trainings include lectures, demonstrations, experiential exercises and independent studies. This course is rated at 120+ hours. After certification, graduates may choose to use their knowledge in their current profession or  private practice.
Classes are offered In-Person, Virtual or a Hybrid (Both In-Person or Virtual Option Offered).

  • CHt Course April 21 – 25, 2023 – Afton, MN (near St. Paul, MN)( In Person and Online)

  • CHt Course July 2023 – (Date & Venue TBD)

  • CHt Course Sept 10-15, 2023 – at the A.R.E. Virginia Beach, VA 

    • Class taught by Linda Thunberg
    • Click here for course information.
    • Registration coming soon
  • CHt Course dates are being determined in Haymarket, VA (Virtual)

  • CHt Course dates are being determined in Washington, D.C. (Hybrid)


MHt Certification Courses

This is an intense course, an opportunity for self-healing and learning NATH’s unique models for transformation! This course is designed for the hypnotherapist who is certified and familiar with regressive-trance state therapy. Master Level Hypnotherapy or MHt contends that the client already holds the answers within. On this level, regression hypnotherapy is used as a modality for emotional clearing and perceptual change. Lecture, demos, experientials, and certification included with completed assignments. This course is rated at 170+ hours.

Recommended  In-Person  (come join us at the beach!), offered virtually as well.

  • MHt Course June 13th – 17th, 2023 – (Date & Venue TBD)

  • MHt Course September 20th – 24th, 2023 –  Hyatt House Oceanfront, Virginia Beach, VA 

  • Book your room now, limited rooms available at a great price!

    Booking Directions: GROUP BOOKING LINK 

    Group Code: G-NATH

    Cut-off Date: August 18, 2023

    * Use your group-specific link to navigate to the hotel website, click “book now”, select your arrival & departure date then click “book now” (the link puts the group code in for you)

    * Call 800-886-0451 and ask to reserve a room in the group block using the group name over the contracted group dates. If you need any assistance with booking, please contact Elizabeth Rosier, Sales Coordinator, at 757-837-4963 or via email, Elizabeth.Rosier@hyatt.com


LBLt Certification Courses

This is an advanced training designed for Certified Hypnotherapists. The class features a completely revised training based on the teachings of Dr. Allen Chips and Dr. Michael Newton. Life Between Lives is the study of the cycle of life, based on ancient spiritual teachings including reincarnation. An LBLt can help break through the blocks of the past and bring understanding to your client’s current life.This course is rated at 120+ hours. 
Classes are offered In-Person, Virtual or a Hybrid (Both In-Person or Virtual Option Offered).

  • LBLt Course April 12 – 16, 2023 – SWIHA -Tempe AZ

    • Class taught by Linda Thunberg.
    • Click Here for course information.
    • Click here to register online.
  • LBLt Course November 4 – 18, 2023 – Virginia Beach VA

    • Class taught by Linda Thunberg.
    • Click Here for course information.
    • Click here to register online.
  • LBLt Course dates are being determined in Haymarket, VA (Virtual)


Additional Trainings/Certification Courses

As part of our effort to make sure NATH Practitioners are up-to-date on the latest information in their craft, we offer a variety of additional certifications and trainings. These trainings may be used toward your continued learning requirement for membership in NATH. (Both In-Person or Virtual Options Offered).

Train the Trainer course Full 5 day course

Dates Vary with student

  • Students are required to be a MHt and complete all course work to receive certification
  • Click here for course information.
  • Click here to register online.
  • Click here to register by mail.

For course outline and requirements for certifications see: www.NATH.world/nath-course-catalog or www.transpersonalpower.com/transpersonal-hypnotherapist-certification/

Classes taught by NATH trainer Linda Thunberg, M.Ht, LBLt, CCP, (www.TranspersonalPower.com) are unique in many ways. She has updated and expanded the original content of Dr. Allen Chips’ courses into a unique visual presentation to go along with lecture and bookwork, all supported by her ever growing practical experience as a hypnotherapist. Many case studies are discussed in length, and the experientials are observed and supported by Linda and qualified assistants.  She also teaches the CHt and MHt consecutively so students have the opportunity to receive their Master’s instruction and experientials right after their CHt certification and immerse themselves in hypnotherapy for the 10 day intensive.

Linda has guest teachers and qualified assistants occasionally co-teaching parts of the class with her.  The trainers co-teaches some lecture, demonstrations and sessions in Linda’s classes. All of the instructors are also certified Life Coaches with other organizations.

“The skills and personal growth that I received through Linda Thunberg to become a certified hypnotherapist far exceeded my expectations. The learning environment was a small group setting, which allowed for a lot of interaction, individual attention, numerous demonstrations and opportunities to practice. This experience gave me the confidence to move forward in this profession and to begin helping others. I highly recommend Linda’s hypnotherapy certification program to anyone with an interest in this field or who want to expand their career.” – JW, CHt

Course Materials Available from Amazon.com or your local bookstore.


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