Reading the Text

It is advantageous to pre-read each of the following chapters in the course text, Clinical Hypnotherapy: A Transpersonal Approach, by Dr. Allen S. Chips:

First 10 hours of class…Chapters 1 through 10
Next 10hours of class…Chapters 11 through 16.
Next 10 hours of class…Chapters 16 through 17.
Last 10 hours of class…Chapters 18 through 21.

The open-book exam is based on information from within the course text (listed above). Approximately 50% of the material presented during the course is derived from information sources outside of the text, such as experiential learning, therapeutic interventions, case histories, professional policy, research, methodology etc…

Scholastic requirements for Certification: The open book exam is true-false, multiple choice. The Research Assignment (3-5 pages) is due within 30 days of the last day of class. In order for certification to be issued, tuition must be paid in full and four grading categories must be fulfilled: 1) the research assignment; 2) the induction assignment; 3) the final exam (80% or more); and 4) the attendance requirement (80%) for in-person experientials. If you have specific questions, please feel free to ask a member of the NATH staff. All Assignments should be submitted and uploaded in the Assignments section.


Research Assignment

This assignment is due within 30 days of the last day of class. Choose a book that contains information relating to a specific interest you have within the field of hypnotherapy. If there is any question as to its direct relationship to hypnotherapy, you may want to get approval from the instructor or administrator. After reading, answer the following questions in an at least 3-page double spaced paper. The following information must be included. 


1) Which of the author’s methods do you believe is the most effective in producing positive results? If possible,give a case history/example.

2) As a hypnotherapist, which techniques discussed in the book do you plan to utilize and which ones,  ifany, will you avoid? Why?

3) Summarize the book.


Your paper should also include, The Title and author of the book you’ve chosen. This information should appear in a cover page with your name, email address and phone number on it as well. You should name your file to be submitted as “LAST NAME, DATE, CHT”. Be careful to include proper sentence structure, grammar, spelling etc. Although the due date is 30 days after the last day of class, it may be submitted at any time before by those who wish to receive their certification on-site.

You may choose a book from the “NATH Resource List” or another source. This is a good opportunity to explore your interest areas of different aspects of the broad scope of specialty areas in Hypnotherapy!


Induction Assignment

Students will be asked to create a one-page induction script. This assignment will be assigned during the course and should be submitted, by the second day of the in-person training. The document may be uploaded to the online learning site at any point. 


Final Exam

This exam may must be completed before the in-person class. You may use your books and notes from the course and receive a grade of 80% or higher in order to pass the course. If you score less than 80%, see the NATH staff about increasing your score.