Chapter 3: Mysticism, Intention & Suggestion


Examples of altered states with faith:

  • Sleep temples: 3000 BC in ancient Egypt and Greece
  • Fire Walking: 1400 degree coals, chanting of ancient cultures
  • Power of Prayer: Bernie Siegel’s blind study of two cancer groups

Healing power of faith:

  • Power of healing is in the faith of the practitioner not the client
  • 1950 writings: “A client will only go as far as the hypnotherapist believes he/she can.”
Faith factor – A variable which recognizes the influence from external forces and which is increased by the practitioner’s highest intention and come from various origins

Weisenhoffer in 1950s: “A client will only go as far as the hypnotherapist believes he or she can.”
Meaning, the Client will only go as far as you think they can because the client brings expectations and previous experiences. Healing Originates either Internally or Externally or in a Combination. 

We as Transpersonal Hypnotherapists are holistically dependent on the clients beliefs. Why? We are CLIENT BASED

What is Client Based? As with many therapies, modern hypnotherapy has to become a client-centered therapy in which you are guided by the hypnotherapist to dialogue with your subconscious mind – also known as the body-mind –  in order to gain an understanding and resolution of your issues, symptoms, and reactive emotions.

Origin of Healing Positions:

  1. Internally Originated- all healing comes from within
  2. Externally Originated- all healing comes from a higher force
  3. Combined Origination – healing comes from a combination of the forces from within and an externalhigher force

TWO Factors that increase your success as a Transpersonal Hypnotherapist:
1.     Your INTENTION as a therapist
2.     Recognizing higher spiritual forces

Transpersonal Hypnotherapists are both clinicians and healers.  They work professionally in a clinical capacity, both also involve their spiritual resources  and those of their clients, within their session where it is deemed adequate and useful.


{{Video #3}} Explains how faith is an important aspect of transpersonal hypnotherapy. The Faith Loop. What each client brings to the table and how that impacts what they take away from Hypnosis. 


The more experience you get, the more you will believe, the more you will
extend this belief to your clients, the better your sessions will become.
A faith loop exists.