What is Hypnosis?



Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness which lies between awake and asleep. It is generally broughtabout in an individual by the use of a combination of concentration, relaxation, suggestion, and expectation.


But to completely understand, the clinical definition, We must first understand what the three classifications of States of Consciousness, which according to Dr. Chips definitions in the textbook are:

  • Normal State of Consciousness (NSC) –The state in which an individual spends a major part of his waking hours – C.T. Tart
  • Altered State of Consciousness (ASC) – A shift in a person’s consciousness which can be subjectively and all objectivity’s distinguished from the mental processes that generally exist in the waking state- Dr. Allen Chips
  • Applied Altered State of Consciousness (AASC) – Hypnotic or applied states of consciousness that we apply to ourselves and others by some combination of mental and physical procedures and which are intended to create specific outcomes- Dr. Allen Chips



{{Insert Video 2}} This video should be about altered states. how you can tell which one your in, what it takes to move between the states.. etc.


Table 1-1

Classifications of States of Consciousness:

State                                                        Classification

Waking                                                     NSC
Strong Emotions                                     UASC
Daydreaming                                           UASC
Television                                                 UASC
Dreaming                                                 UASC
Sleeping                                                   UASC
Pharmacological Agents                        UASC
Biochemical Shifts                                  UASC
Hypnogogic                                             UASC
Meditation                                                AASC
Biofeedback                                             AASC
Transcendental Meditation                     AASC
Prayer                                                        AASC
Creative Visualization                              AASC
NLP                                                            AASC
Reiki                                                           AASC
Guided Imagery                                        AASC
Guided Meditation                                    AASC
Yoga                                                           AASC
Progressive Relaxation                             AASC
Hypnosis                                                    AASC


Transpersonal Definition of Hypnotherapy

Hypnotism – the study of hypnosis – James Braid
Hypnosis – derived from the Greek word hypnosis, which means sleep
Latin Therapeau – Gods Work


SO if we were to put this together historically, Hypnotherapy we could define the word Hypnotherapy as God’s work through a sleep like state.